Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Individual Instruction

Another way, I can get started with developing a studio is to offer individual instruction. If you live in the Bangor, Maine area; I can teach you digital art and animation in person. Otherwise, I can work with you most anywhere in the world with Skype. It not only offers video calls, but has a screen sharing function that is great for computer teaching. There are other programs that can also work. I recently explored the capabilities of Photoshop Elements 12. While it is not as easy to use as Photoshop, my digital creations can be done with it. It can be purchased for $99.00 which makes the software for learning these techniques affordable. Animation as I do it still requires Adobe After Effects. Leasing a suite of Adobe software is another possibility for anyone interested in learning how to create along these lines. Corel products are another less expensive alternative that works well. Let me know if you are interested in learning this new technology. I would like to share what I have learned, and am sure I can make it easy for you. I have a lot of fun with these creations, and would be pleased to show you how to enjoy the process.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sample Video

This is a sample video. I have 25 videos posted on my You Tube channel at: nightbloomingcards7 All are demonstration projects which give an idea of what can be done.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Introductory Letter

Eggshell Videos – A Rainbow of Possibilities
The following is a one page summary of my proposal to be sent to school principles, superintendents, or other education administrators.
"I am 62 years old with a bachelors in sociology and another year in education. I have always been interested in teaching, but have not made it a career. For the last 28 years, I have run a board & care home taking care of schizophrenics. I have always done some kind of art work on the side, and have been doing digital graphics for 5 years. I have expanded that into animation and have developed some techniques which are cutting edge in the field.
I have a volunteer proposal which I present for your consideratiion. I want to start an after school program to teach what I have learned. The tools I have developed are a natural outgrowth of the emerging technologies, and I would like to share them, and inspire others to create their own productions. Digital art and animation are going to be everywhere in the future, and I would like to help prepare the artists of tomorrow. I have more design ideas than I can possibly realize in this lifetime, so this is also a way to create a studio of desingers to produce what I cannot do alone.
The first step would be simply to instruct the students in Photoshop, After Effects and other computer software. I envision, however, that it could grow into a major production project, in which we would create graphics and animated videos for use in a wide variety of businesses. Wherever there are waiting rooms, there will be a demand for our videos. We could produce short videos for doctor's offices, clinics, airports, airplanes and buses, for small theaters, and much more. Our relaxing videos could be used wherever there are flat screen TV's or monitors showing ads and or information shorts. Flat screens are already ubiquitous, but will be more so in the future; so there will be increased demand for content as time goes on.
Students would be involved in a wide variety of activities involved with producing the videos from photography, to digital graphics, animation, to voice overs and musical accompaniment, marketing, and copy production, equipment management, and so on. The collaborative effort would be a beautiful learning experience in itself. I would expect the students to take things beyond what I can envision. They could even set up a recycling center for old flat screen TV's and monitors, DVD players, computers, etc, to be used in dental offices and more. The equipment could be given for free, with the business or agency paying for the videos.
Students could set up Estores to sell spinoff products from posters and cards to t shirts and mugs. We could even produce for existing ad agencies or start our own. I know people in various fields who could assist in development of this project. I have a more detailed proposal on my blog at: www.eggshellvideos.com I also have 25 demonstration videos on You Tube. They are enough to show the potential of what can be done.My channel is:nightbloomingcards7.
Thank you for your time.
Bob Coyne

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I will design a logo for this site, and create an animated version. It will feature the theme of "Eggshell Videos-A Rainbow of Possibilities". Stay tuned.

Friday, May 4, 2012


I expect to be able to make my living doing caregiving of some kind, and would start this project on a part time, volunteer basis. It has the potential to grow into a full time venture, even involving travel to spread the idea to other locations. I can see an eventual need for others to assist in expanding the production capabilities. You may have the missing piece that will complete the puzzle, so let me know what this inspires your thoughts to. Eggshell Videos - a rainbow of possibilties
I have been planning an after school project that I want to share with others, so as to get feedback on feasibility, suggestions, and potential collaboration. My idea is to start a volunteer program at a school in which I will show the students how to create digital art, and animated videos. It could grow into a major enterprise in which the students would form a production company, creating videos for use in doctor's offices and other waiting rooms, airports, banks and more. The students could even create an advertising agency in which they create videos for television, websites, and more, or subcontract to existing ad agencies.
The videos would be relaxing, but interesting; but could be combined with advertisements or information shorts. Animation is going to be everywhere in the future, and the students will develop skills which will open doors for their careers and hobbies. I have so many ideas for designs and creations, that I cannot realize them by myself in this lifetime. This can be a means of creating a studio of artists and technicians to fullfill the potential of the new digital technologies.
Teaching has always been a part of what I like to do in any field. I did have teaching certification at one time, but was not ready to make a career of it. Teaching has been an important part of what I have done in our care home for the last 28 years. Helping residents in all kinds of areas, and instructing staff in cooking, cleaning, and all aspects of care giving has been a source of satisfaction. I have developed techniques in the area of digital art and animation which I would like to share with others. These are techniques that are a natural by product of the emerging technologies. They can be used to benefit others in many ways.
The students can be taught how to use digital software including Photoshop and Corel. They can also learn to use animation software including After Effects, and Maya. Some students may want to learn all aspects of the creative process. Others may want to specialize in certain areas. Creation of the videos will require photography, digital art, animation, music, writing, voice overs, and research. Producing the videos will also require sales, computer hardware skills, accounting, marketing, electronics capabilities for recycing big sreen TV's, and more.
Students could set up a recycling center in which they take old big screen TV's, computers, and DVD players to set up video displays in doctor's offices, in public areas, and waiting rooms for showing the videos. The students can set up the equipment for free when needed, and then sell the videos to the dentists, hospitals, banks, and other businesses. Where display capabilities are already in place, it would just be a matter of supplying the videos, but part of the idea of the project will be to make the videos displays more widely available. Of course, the students can also sell videos for use in private homes starting with relatives and friends. Videos could be sold locally, but that could be expanded to national and international sales via the internet.
Flat screen TV's and monitors are everwhere, and will only proliferate in the future. I recently took a trip by airplane and bus. Both had screens for showing movies, ads, and information. Short videos like we will produce could easily be integrated with the content already shown. People can get irritated with a steady stream of ads, but insert them between relaxing videos, and customers will be more receptive.
It seems that we spend a lot of time waiting these days. Businesses or government facilities which can offer relaxing entertainment to reduce stress will benefit from our videos. Stress reduction is an important need in our modern world.
The students could set up their own individual and group Zazzle and Cafe Press sites to sell spinoff products including posters, greeting cards, t shirts, calendars mugs, and much more. The dynamics of the students working together, and collaborating in lots of ways, will be great learning experiences in themselves. Some students will play the music to be used in the videos both individually and collectively. Some students might compose their own music. Student poets could collaborate with musicians to compose joint creations. Other students, could do research to find apprppriate music and to arrange licensing of copyrighted material. Others could deal with legal issues that could be involved, including drawing up contracts.
Perhaps, a school would want all income generated to go through its treasury. If we could benefit the school at large, I would feel good about that. That is the whole idea behind this: to inspire and teach students, create beneficial products for the community at large, and help schools fullfill their mission.
Some students would be responsible for various phases of marketing. Others could handle accounting, investing, arranging donations of time, materials, and funds. Some might approach Adobe for leasing of software at a discount. Others could investigate shareware options. Those with internet skills, could help develop websites, and maximize linkages accross the net. Some could search for images available on the net to create the visuals needed for a wide variety of projects.
This could all start with one school, but could then be expanded to include other schools locally, nationally, and even internationally. Project leaders would be needed to travel around the country and world setting up projects in other schools. I am not sure if our public schools would allow this kind of activity within the school. Private schools including charter schools might be better venues. Online instruction and virtual schools are other options. I have been intrigued by the projected potential of online education for 40 years, long before the internet existed.
The students would probably take these ideas and expand upon them in ways we would not imagine. It would be a mutual learning process for everyone involved. If you find this idea intersting, perhaps you would like to collaborate on making it happen. Any suggestions on how to do this are welcome. Even feedback as to why this is not possible or desirable are also welcome. I am not ready to jump into this tomorrow. I am working on developing my computer, artistic, and animation skills as preparation for this kind of project. It seems to me that this kind of thing is inevitable. Someone is going to do this. It might as well be us.
I believe that human beings have a need to be useful. While children need play time, and I think it is sad how regimented some shildren's lives have become; I think we do them a diservice when we relagate them to the role of being an information spunge. Learning comes naturally when they are being productive, and there is no substitute for realizing that you have something worthwhile to contribute to this world.
The projects could be set up as nonprofits, with the income being used to buy equipment, expand operations, and perhaps do charitable work. This could be one of the most complicated aspects of the programs, and I don't yet have clear answers on all of it. Suggestions are welcome. Students would be learning skills which could enable them to make money on their own as with artists who start a Zazzle store of their own. Similar ventures could be done as group efforts in which a few student combine efforts to set up an enterprise. Perhaps such activity will be beyond control, and there will be group oversight of common projects. Exactly how to handle all the possibilities is an open question, but it will be part of the learning process to set appropriate guidelines.
Doctors, dentists, and others can offer the videos on screens in their waiting room. The videos could have a calming effect to counteract waiting room anxiety. The animated videos could be alternated with landscape videos set to music. Light animal videos and other subjects are possible. These could be combined with ads, or health information shorts. My credit union has a big screen TV behind the tellers, showing a succession of ads for their services. These could be combined with interesting and relaxing animated shorts, and make the whole presentation more engaging and less annoying. People waiting in airport lines, could welcome the kind of presentations suggested here.
When I was a kid, we had cartoon shorts before movies instead of previews. Psychedelic-like animations could offer an alternative insert. Our city has recently renovated a Fox theater which is struggling. We have other small theaters which stuggle to stay afloat. New kinds of presentations as suggested here could be a welcome addition to their mix. Small independent venues might be more willing to try something new, but once a project proves itself, larger theaters will be willing to try it. Many cities and towns have small theatres which need new ways to draw people in.
I have friends reaching retirement age, who would welcome a new career. Being fully retired is not healthy for most people, but finding a way to be semi-retired can have an appeal to many. I know teachers who are leaving the field early because they are frustrated with the current sysem. Working with students in this kind of setting could be very satisfying and rewarding. The kids will be involved because they want to be, not because they have to be.
Another thing which our students could do is create tutorial videos including some using screen capture software. We could create a whole series of instructional tools, and possibly even create a virtual school. With imagination and enthusiasm, there are unlimted possibilities as to what can be done.
Adult education programs are another way this production could be done as well as senior progams. I think both our children and elderly are underserved, and would welcome a chance to help in either area. I would welcome a chance to start with an individual child or adult to tutor. I could even do it at a distance with Skype. I am sure there are possibilities I have not imagined as yet. Let your imagination work with this idea, and let me have your feedback. Perhaps this whole proposal could be turned into a wiki with many contributors.
Thank you.
Bob Coyne